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Brookside Consultants, Inc. offers a range of services for insurance companies throughout the United States.

For quality-driven Independent Medical Examination reports with the industry's best turnaround time, look no further than Brookside Consultants.
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Brookside Consultants' panel of Board certified physicians are able to perform Medical File Reviews for patients who have been treated anywhere in the nation.
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Brookside Consultants has been diligent in educating its provider network regarding the newly implemented New York State Workers Compensation Medical Treatment Guidelines.
· Learn more about Variance Evaluations.
No-Fault Examinations are performed by Brookside Consultants' panel of qualified and credentialed expert providers.
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Functional Capacity Evaluations are widely utilized by Providers, Insurance Companies and Employers alike as an "objective gauge" in identifying a worker's ability to return to work following an injury.
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Medical Record Canvassing is offered through our sister company, Strategic Claims Solutions.
Please visit the SCS website for additional information.