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New York State Workers' Compensation Variance Evaluations

Brookside Consultants, Inc. has been diligent in educating its provider network regarding the newly implemented New York State Workers Compensation Medical Treatment Guidelines. In addition, verification of provider completion of the New York State Workers' Compensation Board sponsored on-line training program is required in order to maintain a panel of qualified, knowledgeable, and credentialed experts.

Brookside Consultants, Inc. has dedicated staff members with extensive claims handling experience devoted exclusively to processing variance requests.

New York State Variance requests will be completed expeditiously to allow ample time for the report to reach the Workers' Compensation Board within the 30 day deadline for authorization or denial. If an Independent Medical Examination is requested and unable to be accommodated, BCI will notify the requestor within 24 hours and request that a Medical File Review be completed. Please note that a Medical File Review is considered an acceptable medical opinion for method of denial for treatment per the Medical Treatment Guidelines.

Expedited services can be accommodated on a case-by-case basis, depending on the medical specialty requested and physician availability. In expedited cases, UPS shipping, faxing, or e-mailing is available. Costs of expedited shipping are determined on a case-by-case basis. To ensure that timelines are met, minimal requirements must be met by the requestor.

Necessary Documents for Variance Evaluations

In order to begin work on the variance request, the following items are required:

  • Copy of Variance Request (MG-2 OR C-4 Authorization Form) with date & method of transmission/receipt and treatment requested
  • Projected date for report to reach Workers' Compensation Board
  • Medical records to be reviewed by selected provider

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Medical Record Canvassing is offered through our sister company, Strategic Claims Solutions.
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