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Functional Capacity Evaluations

Functional Capacity Evaluations are widely utilized by Providers, Insurance Companies and Employers alike as an "objective gauge" in identifying a worker's ability to return to work following an injury as well as a tool to determine permanency. Brookside Consultants, Inc. partners with an experienced panel of physical therapists to ensure a timely, accurate and thorough functional assessment is performed and reported objectively.

Quick References Regarding Functional Capacity Evaluations:

  • Requests are accepted via phone, fax, email, or through the secured website
  • Utilized to determine the level of safe maximum functional abilities
  • Aides in objectively setting restrictions and guidelines for return to work
  • Determines if job tasks can be safely performed with modifications
  • Performed by NYS licensed physical or occupational therapists
  • May only be performed at the point of MMI
  • Standardized evaluation tools; normative and interpretative guidelines are attached to the report

Medical Record Canvassing is offered through our sister company, Strategic Claims Solutions.
Please visit the SCS website for additional information.