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No-Fault Examinations

No-Fault Examinations are performed by Brookside Consultants' panel of qualified and credentialed expert providers.

  • Referrals are accepted via phone, fax, email or through the secured web-based system.
  • Brookside Consultants, Inc. schedules an appointment with a provider within 24-48 hours of referral receipt. The claim information is entered into the secured generating an immediate e-mail of the appointment letter to the requestor. If a provider is not on panel with the appropriate expertise for the particular case, the Provider Relations specialist begins the fast-track recruiting process.
  • Appointment letters are mailed to the claimant and legal representative (if applicable) within one business day of scheduling. Upon request, letters are sent out via certified mail.
  • A reminder post card is mailed to the claimant 5 business days prior to the scheduled appointment. A reminder phone call is made 2 business days prior to the scheduled the appointment.
  • Once the date of the scheduled appointment has passed, BCI staff contacts the provider to determine if the claimant attended the scheduled examination. If a no-show occurs, the requestor is notified via email to determine if the exam should be rescheduled or further direction to proceed.
  • Reports are submitted to BCI upon completion of the examination and then analyzed by the Quality Assurance department for accuracy and completeness. Completed reports are then forwarded appropriately.
  • The requestor is e-mailed a copy of the report, in PDF format.
  • Expedited requests are accepted and accommodated on a case-by-case basis.
Medical Record Canvassing is offered through our sister company, Strategic Claims Solutions.
Please visit the SCS website for additional information.